10 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

10 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Most of us rely on our washing machine to perform the tedious task of washing our clothes. From ordinary wear such as t-shirts, tops and pants for heavier garments such as towels, sheets and curtains, this machine has made our lives easier and better. It makes sense, therefore, to keep this engine running in good condition. Here you can check 10 essential washing machine maintenance tips and If you need any washing machine repair in Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and etc.

Regular maintenance of the washing machine goes far in helping these engines last for years to come. The truth is, you or your family can do most of these things in your home.

10 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Here are some of the washing machine maintenance tips that will help you to take care of your tools better.

1. Deep Cleaning

People suppose their cloth washer to give 100% each time. However, this is not always the case. Washing machine problems occur and equipment starts to lose their efficiency after the point of time. You may notice that your clothes do not come out as clean as they used to when the new engine. The main reason behind this is the scale caused by micro-residual present in the water. This can be a big problem in areas with hard water.

In such a scenario, you need to clean up your engine a little more. Using a powerful cleaning machine that is able to remove all the scales without damaging the metal and plastic tools. This does not mean you have to buy the most expensive in the market cleaner engines but also buy the cheapest is not recommended.

2. Clean the Rubber Gasket

It is an important part of your machine that suffers a lot of wear and tear. Edge wraps a rubber gasket washer-dryer and protects your clothes from damage and your hands from sharp edges. Both the front load and peak load machine, some amount of micro dust particles enter it each time you open the door. These dust particles are usually gathered on the edge and side of the gasket.

Detergent and softener particles also leave a residue on the gasket. Which is located outside the tub, suffers from regular spill but remain unclean as we tend to ignore it completely. This is an additional reason you should habitually clean the rubber gasket with a damp cloth. Doing it once a week should be sufficient.

3. Protecting Finish

New-looking and clean appliances enhance the appearance of your place. However, an old washing machine usually does not look good and can even damage the look of a room or house. Some people ignore this aspect and do not care to clean the outside or on the machine. Front-load washing machines are the ones who suffer most from this. On a plain surface makes them a magnet for a wide variety of things that make collecting on them.

People forget that even though large pieces of equipment, a washing machine are smooth and require proper maintenance, both in terms of their ability to work and look. The trick to keeping the new search engine is simple.

Clean the top and sides of your machine with glass cleaner that does not damage the finish. Maintaining pre-installed factory finish is the best way you can keep your machine looking bright for long. Also, keep the machine closed when not in use and do not put any weight on top of things. This will prevent scratches from growing.

4. Protect from Spill

Washing machine also collects residue from the spill detergent. Despite your efforts to use detergent or softener on the market, they become sticky residues over time and begin to smell. The best way to clean the sticky residue is to wipe it with a soft clean dishwasher. Also, do not forget to clean the inside of the drum with a damp cloth because it also builds fibers, detergents and dirt residue from time to time.

5. Leave the Door Open

Do not close the door of the washing machine immediately after using it. It is one of the biggest mistakes most people make when using the machine. They think keeping the doors open will build dirt and dust inside the machine. This is true to a certain extent, but this does not mean that you should immediately close it.

Leaving the door open for 15 to 30 minutes remove the moisture and prevent mold and bacteria build up in your machine. This is also true dry up bath and protects delicate parts from damage caused by moisture. A good way to ensure the moisture does not have to wipe it off with a dry towel thick 15-30 minutes after washing has ended and residual moisture had dried a little.

6. Clean Detergent and Fabric Softener Dispenser

Automatic washing machine has separate compartments for detergent and fabric softener. These washers automatically mix this stuff with water and pour them in the drum. This is a fairly clean process because you do not have to wait for the detergent to mix water and then put the clothes.

However, long-term use of these containers without proper cleaning makes them protection for bacteria and toxic elements are concentrated. It builds a transparent texture and sometimes green that feels when touched. Imagine your clothes washed in extracts from these harmful bacteria build-up. This will contaminate your machine and affect the quality of cleaning as well. To eliminate such problems, you should clean the dispenser regularly.

7. Keep Checking Hose

To smooth the water flow both into and out of your machine, you should keep an eye on the engine hose. Both semi-automatic washing machines and automatic has three-second interval is an inlet and an outlet. Make sure the hole is connected to a water source and has no cracks or leakage. This will prevent the wastewater as well.

In addition, do not forget to ensure the condition of the outlet or drain hosepipe from time by time. Because removing dirty water, fiber and fabric microparticles often build up in the filter and block the exhaust pipe. In such cases, the problem, try to unblock it by calling a qualified technician from All Electric Care or completely replace the drainpipe with a new one.

8. Clear Filter

Semi-automatic washing machines have lint filter in the sink. These filters extract fibers and other dirt particles from the washing process and collect in the bag. You have to clean the filter once in a while too. This is because once the filter is full; it is not able to collect debris that will continue to remain in the water. This dirt will be stuck on your clothes and build up in the machine as well.

This, in turn, will reduce the life of your engine and negatively affect performance. In some extreme cases, it can significantly damage the pulsate or agitator as well. You do not imagine that such a small thing may cost you so much, right? So, start cleaning your filter machine at least once a month.

9. Careful use it

Your washing machine may have a high washing capacity and a strong motor but still a delicate piece of equipment. Need careful operation and proper treatment. You do not have to stuff clothes into the machine. This is not your travel bag in which you can stuff a lot more than its capacity. Putting in more than the recommended amount of clothes means that the machine will not spin well and this will impact the circular motion of the drum. You will be stuck with partially cleaned clothes. Furthermore, it can damage the motor of your machine as well.

Want to use your machine to its full capability? Put the clothes appropriate weight capacity and follow the instructions given in the manual. In case of doubt, call the customer support of your brand.

10. Choose the Right Detergent

Washing machine detergent selection depends upon the specific budgets and needs washing. Some people prefer using machine-specific detergents while others use regular detergent. A point to remember is that the detergent you use should not be too hard or heavy alkaline in nature, as this will damage the engine and the second part of your clothing. So, choosing the right washing detergent.

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