The Most Innovative New Ecommerce Platform For Brands - Video Games

The Most Innovative New eCommerce Platform For Brands: Video Games

Scuti, the eCommerce technology platform, announced its new marketplace – the world’s first retail store accessed directly through video games. Scuti’s patent-pending platform lets brands market, sell and ship direct to game players from within any Scuti-enabled game.

Scuti provides brands a direct channel to over 320 million mobile, PC and eSports players across the U.S. and E.U. The marketplace is designed with proven gamification tactics that incentivize players with Scuti points, which are redeemed against future purchases.

Video Games Offer An Immense and Diverse Retail Audience

Now a mainstream activity, video games represent new and unchartered territory for brands to engage their audience. Surpassing the entire movie and music industries combined, video games attract all ages and genders (63% of all mobile players are women and girls per Electronic Software Association).

“This groundbreaking platform offers a peek at the future of direct to consumer commerce and will very likely change the game forever.” — Reno R. Rolle, Bōku Superfoods Co-Founder and Chairman

Non-Competitive, AI-Driven Platform

Players are incentivized to set their shopper profiles and Scuti’s algorithms ensure players only see the products they are interested in buying. Brands can execute promotions and rewards targeted to their specific customer from competitive-free, content- product pages.

“I’m glad to have been offered the chance to test Scuti with an upcoming movie release from FOX Theatrical. The concept is new and fresh and unlike other digital offerings I’ve seen in a long time” – Scott Bishoff, VP, Twentieth Century Studios

Created By Media and Game Experts

Scuti is the brainchild of veteran brand marketer and entrepreneur, Nicholas Longano, who built the in-game advertising company, Massive Incorporated and sold to Microsoft in 2006.

At the helm of Scuti is Kym Nelson, who created FOX Interactive Media’s sales team (IGN and MySpace). She also built the Twitch media group, which later sold to Amazon. “Scuti will help all brands with an entirely new way to get in front of consumers,” says Nelson.

COO, Jamy Nigri is an eCommerce pioneer and avid gamer who embraced the challenge to honor the player experience while creating a fun and rewarding shopping environment. Monique Soares Kraft, an experienced brand strategist and consumer product licensing professional, leads business development for Scuti and the team’s senior advisor is Jim Veevaert, an executive on beloved franchises from Valve, Microsoft, IGT and Zynga including Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Halo 3, and Wheel of Fortune.

IAB President, Patrick Dolan, is a member of the company’s Advisory Board.

Scuti Announces Special Summer Offer to Brands

For a limited time, Scuti is offering its marketplace, rich category insights and 30 days of in-store advertising to brands for free.

Written by Jaxon Wager

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