AC Troubleshooting Guide: Steps to Fix Air Conditioner

AC Troubleshooting Guide: Steps to Fix Air Conditioner

Summers in India can be hard, and broken air conditioning unit is something that you do not want to deal with! Seeking help reliable air conditioning repair service seems like the best option in such situations. However, not all problems require professional help and can be completed on our own. So here’s the air conditioning basic troubleshooting guide to help you find a way to fix your air conditioner. If you are not able to do the DIY repair for you Ac than eBook your ac repair in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and etc.

Air Conditioner Issues: Problems and Solutions 

  • Do you have a dirty filter AC? If you have a clogged and dirty filter AC, can reduce the operational efficiency of the system and reducing its ability to cool the air. Clean the filter every month, especially if you have pets or if the air conditioning unit is always on!
  • Do you have other electrical devices that are too close to the air conditioning unit? If you have placed a television, microwave or refrigerator near your air-conditioning unit, it’s time to move them. This device releases a lot of hot air, making the room hotter than the cold. As a result, when placed next to the air conditioning, they affect the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Is your room properly sealed to keep the warm air? Check that all windows and doors are properly sealed to ensure warm air does not enter from the outside.
  • Do you have any air conditioning thermostat settings are incorrect? Very often, the thermostat does not give correct readings. For example, your AC unit may be cooling the room at 23 degrees, while the thermostat can display 25 degrees. This usually happens when the thermostat:
  • Not clean
  • Not in a level position
  • Placed in direct sunlight

To rectify this AC problem, clean the thermostat and check the location. If the problem persists, call a technician to fix it.

  • Is the sun hindering the normal work of your air conditioner? If your air conditioner is set against a sunny window, it might have to work very hard to cool your room. It is advisable to have light-blocking blinds and shades for the AC to be more efficient.
  • Is there a lack of ventilation for air conditioning compressors? Outdoor compressors must have adequate airflow in and out. Make sure that there are no in front of the AC blocking airflow. Clean plants, furniture or anything that may block the inflow and outflow of air.
  • The air is coming out of the ceiling and floor registers? To resolve this problem, check whether the evaporator fan is running and that the circuit breakers are in working condition. Also, do not check any wiring problems with the equipment.
  • Circuit breaker has been tripped? If the circuit breaker in the tripped position, try to reset with the reset button. If it does not work with a reset, try not to attempt a second reset immediately because it could jeopardize the air conditioning unit. Repeatedly stumble could indicate frequent voltage fluctuation or a damaged cable. Do not try to solve this yourself, and air conditioning repair service books of All Electric Care.
  • AC compressor starts but the fan does not. This problem may be with the condenser fan motor and compressor. AC calls a technician to fix it.
  • Fans compressor starts but not the compressor. In such a scenario, the air conditioning unit may run out of refrigerant, or the compressor may have become corrupted. This again will require air conditioning specialists.

Troubleshooting guide includes AC top 10 problems people face. For the other major issues is best to contact a professional air conditioning repair service. It’s a happy summer! Contact us today with any questions regarding any type of appliance, we have experience working with tons of different brands and offer various services. Hire us for ac repair in Kolkata and Pune.

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