Reasons to Call Russia is Hub of Highly Ranked Universities

Reasons to Call Russia is Hub of Highly Ranked Universities

Below is the list of reasons why Russia is called a hub of highly ranked universities:

  • Highly Sophisticated Country

Russia is a highly sophisticated country that provides students with a stable career in various fields.

  • Chosen to Study in Russia with a Successful Future and a Career

Those students who have chosen to study MBBS in Russia have always come out with a successful future and a career.

  • Highly Ranked Medical Universities

Russia has a number of highly ranked medical universities that are well known in the medical circuit and offer students with excellent quality education at an affordable cost.

  • Students to Qualify for Any Entrance Exam

Admission in any Russian medical university is that they do not require the students to qualify for any entrance exam and gives admission on the basis of the percentage of marks the students received in their 12th class exams.

  • Focus on both Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

The universities of Russia focus on practical knowledge and training more in comparison to theoretical knowledge.

  • Good Quality and Standard Education

Also, being a country that is famous for its quality education, the education standards of Russia are truly high which is why many Russian medical schools are counted amongst the world’s top medical schools.

  • Economical Fee Charged

The fee charged by the Russian medical universities are economical and an important reason behind that is the subsidy the Russian universities receive from the government of Russia.

  • Get Several Benefits While Studying in Russia

Indian students also get several benefits while studying in one of these universities and one of the benefits is that is the approval of these universities from MCI (Medical Council of India).

  • Great Level of Support to the Indian Students

The MCI (Medical Council of India) approval gives a great level of support to the Indian students as they know that they can come back to India.

  • Complete Their Full Course and Can Find Job Opportunities

Once they are able to complete their full course and can find job opportunities in their home country.

  • University has Approved by MCI

However, if they pursue their MBBS course from any university which is not approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India) than they would not be eligible to practice their degree in India or find a job opportunity in India.

  • Doing Internships in the Affiliated Hospitals

The universities of Russia encourage the students to actively take part in clinical training as well as doing internships in the affiliated hospitals of the universities.

  • Complete Minimum Hours of Internship

The students who complete their medical studies from a university of abroad must complete minimum hours of internship as per the requirement of MCI (Medical Council of India).

  • Eligible for Appearing in the FMGE Test

Otherwise, they would not eligible for appearing in the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test.

  • Pays a Great Deal of Attention

The Department of Education of Russia pays a great deal of attention to all the Russian universities which are providing education to International students.

  • Provides an Excellent MBBS Program

The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) provides an excellent MBBS program of 6 years.

  • Influencing Factor in Increasing the Level of Medical Education

The recognition from MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination), ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), etc have acted as an influencing factor in increasing the level of Medical education of the university.

  • Wide Range of Affiliated Hospitals

A wide range of affiliated hospitals also helps the students during their course.

  • Achieving their Dreams by Giving Opportunities

It helps the students in achieving their dreams by giving them exposure and opportunities to get training in them.

  • Well-Maintained Infrastructure Facilities

The well-maintained infrastructure facilities of the FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) are another one of the long lists of benefits a student gets while studying in the university.

  • Follow the Bilingual Method of Teaching

As all the Russian universities follow the bilingual method of teaching the course, the FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) also does the same.

  • The course is taught in the English Language

The course is taught in the English language but at the same time, the students are also given Russian language training which helps them in a long way while studying in the country.

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