PPE kits assure safe travel but passengers may feel uncomfortable, say experts

PPE kits assure safe travel but passengers may feel uncomfortable, say experts

India: With the government’s decision to mandate PPE kits for all air travellers, the health experts opined that people will not be comfortable to travel by wearing PPE kits.

Personal Protection Equipment kit (PPE kits) are generally used by doctors and health workers who are treating patients suffering from communicable diseases.

“We will sweat out within 30 minutes while wearing the PPE kits. It is very difficult to handle it inside airconditioned places. If you are wearing PPE kits, you won’t be able to have food or go to the toilet. It will be really difficult to sit for hours wearing it. Though the airport offers the facility to wear PPE kits, passengers will face many health problems while travelling,” pointed out experts.

Passengers who return from Gulf Countries will have to wear PPE kits for 5 long hours of air travel. Patients and the aged will suffer more problems when it is worn for such a long time.

That means the people will be forced to wear the PPE kits for more than 7 hours. Passengers have to spend 500-600 Indian Rupees to purchase a PPE kit.

IMA south zone vice president Dr Sulfi Noohu welcomed the government’s decision to mandate PPE kits for air travellers.

“Making PPE kits mandatory for air travellers is a good option as COVID-19 test is not practical in some countries. Though the passengers may feel discomfort to travel by wearing the kit, it is really effective to check the transmission of the disease. We should give priority to control the spread of the disease. So, everyone should wear the PPE kits properly and take the necessary precautions to stay safe,” added the doctor.

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