Google launches ‘People Cards’. How to Create and Secure it is?

Google launches ‘People Cards’ in Search. How to Create and Secure it is?

Google has launched public search profile cards for individuals in India, the company announced Tuesday.

Known as “people cards,” the new feature has already begun rolling out in English for mobile users in India.

How to Create Your Google People Cards

Since the announcement, people are struggling to find the step by step guide to create their own Google People Card, which can make them visible on Google. To check this feature, we have also tried to make our Google virtual visiting card and here is its detailed step-by-step guide.

Follow these steps to create your own Google People Card in just a few minutes:

  • Make sure, you must have login with your Google account to create a virtual visiting card on Google.
  • Open the Google Chrome Bar in your mobile and search for “Add me to Search” in the search bar.
Google People Cards
  • Now Click on “Get Started”
  • Upload your photo to create your Avatar and fill all the details regarding yourself & your work, education & qualification.
  • Add your website & social media profiles so people can connect with you there. You can add multiple social media profiles in your visiting card.
  • After filling all the details, click on preview card and if you are satisfied with the preview result, click on “Save Card”.
  • After clicking on “Save Card”, “Success” will appear, which means your Google People Card has been created successfully. Click on “Success” to view your virtual visiting card on Google.

You can change or edit your details anytime in your Google Virtual Visiting Card. Once it is successfully created, it will be visible on Google when someone searches you with your name. You can control the privacy settings and other information which you want to share with people.

How Secure is People Cards?

To make sure people find reliable and helpful information, the tech giant has put together several protections and controls. It has also added safeguard mechanisms to protect against offensive content.

There is a feedback button with the help of which users can identify and report low-quality information or a card that they believe was created by an impersonator.

For people looking to find someone on Search with their name, the card will be available. There will be a module with the name, profession and location which users can tap to see their card.

For people who share the same name, the Search will show multiple modules. The unique information will help users distinguish between different individuals to find accurate information.

Why we care

People cards may increase visibility for personal brands by making a knowledge panel-like list of links and information about an individual available to potential customers, clients and/or employers right from the search results.

Individuals that have claimed their people card can add details such as a personal description, their occupation, employer, location, profile avatar, phone number, website and social media accounts. This curated information may help people card owners influence their customer journey.

Written by Corine Parker

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