Challenges in Pursuing an MBBS in Abroad

Aside from all the benefits of completing MBBS in Abroad internationally, there are also some challenges too. We discuss major challenges below points –

  • College Recognition

Medical colleges are making mushrooms everywhere, both in India and globally, and not at all of them are recognized. It is important to do a thorough research of any medical college that you are considering applying for, as you can confirm its identity in your own country and India. Please confirm on the Medical Council of India (MCI) website that if you are accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) in the college you are in. Also, check that your expected medical school is accredited by the WHO (World Health Organization). A degree from a recognized institution will most likely not be of any use in your career.

  • License to Practice

If you have completed your MBBS degree from outside India you will need to take the MCI (Medical Council of India) or the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) for practising medical councils and exercises in any Indian state MD) will be required to pass a screening test. The examination is conducted twice a year in the National Board of Examinations for Indian citizens and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI). The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) is free on the MBBS syllabus and you must pass the 50 percent mark for eligibility.

  • Practical Training

Learning practical clinical skills is an important part of study MBBS in abroad. However, some international medical colleges have gained notoriety for providing very little practical training to medical students. Review the percentage of practical training and also review current and past students to ensure that you do research at medical colleges so that you are not missing out on important practical skills.

  • Local Adjustment

The medium of the MBBS instruction remains in the English language for most nations; local languages also play an important role. You may need to study MBBS in Ukraine in Abroad or countries a local language, for example, Mandarin in China, or Russian in Russia. Being away from your family in a new country for more than 5 years is not an easy task and will take you a long time to migrate.

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