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Which is the best platform to build an SEO friendly website?

Which is the best platform to build an SEO friendly website?

Do you want to develop a website that helps to build a brand image on Google? To do this, picking the correct website platform is important.

These platforms pose numerous benefits to small businesses & individuals as they can build an SEO friendly website easily without the assistance of professional developers.

But with so many reputed platforms in the current market, it can be tricky to pick the one that best suits your needs. You can regard this content as an informational guide for choosing the best website platform for your business.

List of SEO friendly platforms:

1. WordPress

Wordpress - SEO friendly website

In the last five years, if there is any SEO king then that is definitely WordPress.  It is possible to get hands-on the best SEO friendly website design with this CMS platform as it comes with customizable extensions, themes and tools.

WordPress is equipped with various eCommerce plans as well where you can get themes for offering the finest virtual shopping experience to your users with a very similar dependable hosting.

  1. An all-inclusive range of existing plugins
  2. Solving technical challenges faster is possible with instant support from the community
  3. Availability of a plethora of tutorials that envelopes numerous techniques.



When thinking about how to make SEO friendly websites, is a very good option as it is a perfect fit for various kinds of small businesses. Wix comprises numerous price ranges that start from the usual domain plans to the VIP ones.

Along with the various plans, there are ad vouchers, website booster applications and builder applications that strengthen the values much more.

  1. Getting hands-on a robust SEO friendly website structure is possible with Wix as it provides manifold plugins
  2. All previous bugs are fixed like incapability of customizing the page titles
  3. Incorporates an easy wizard for website optimization
  4. Wix SEO utilization does not require you to know any coding
  5. As a drop & drag website editor, Wix comprises of simple SEO functions
  6. The Wix dashboard comprises of built-in SEO capabilities.

3. Squarespace


If looking for SEO friendly website templates, you can attain the best with Squarespace platform as this includes an efficient editor & pre-made templates. The integration & set up is also very simple that makes it a highly sought-after platform for many users.

The customizable options available with this platform permit you in saving a lot of money & time.

  1. Create the best SEO friendly website with Squarespace’s eye-catching & simple to alter HTML elements
  2. It is an SEO friendly platform as it enables custom FTP admittance to the backend
  3. It offers immense support to basic functions such as Robots.txt and XML Sitemap
  4. Lot of advanced techniques available as Squarespace permits you in adding your very own codes
  5. The fundamental SEO functions comprise of clear formatting and simple to edit features.

4. Weebly


A complete DIY SEO friendly development platform, Weebly is an uncomplicated web building approach. If you are just a beginner, then this is the perfect platform for you. Crafting a free website is possible with this along with basic tools that let you easily edit metadata like descriptions & tags.

Complete on-page SEO & metadata optimization guide is available on the all-inclusive help page.

  1. The attributes that you will find in this platform are all built-in
  2. SEO support offered is simple
  3. User-friendly options accessible
  4. Via integrated applications, you can get hands-on compete SEO tracking
  5. On every website page, the URLs can be modified as it appeals much more to search engines like this.

5. Ghost


A contemporary alternative to website builders like WordPress, Ghost comes with many accessible features & a basic interface. It is a highly SEO friendly platform as it is fully customizable and comes with social sharing & built-in Search Engine Optimization features that can be easily used. If you are starting as a blogger, this platform will be very helpful to you.

With this platform, you do not need extra plugins and also no need of appointing developers for writing codes. Even if you have less experience in the SEO field, you can use this platform with ease.

  1. Native AMP incorporation
  2. Within the editor, there are easy Metadata editors
  3. Wide-ranging built-in JSON Schema.

6. Joomla


An open-source & free SEO friendly platform, Joomla has witnessed numerous downloads till date along with an abundance of developer support as well. Joomla is also the other name for flexibility. Your business can be big or small but you can always reap benefits from this platform.

Through the platform’s partner, you can get hands-on free hosting as well.

  1. The community is well supported
  2. Be it any of your SEO implementations, you will have complete control.

7. GoDaddy


If you want to get your website online rapidly and on the lookout for a robust SEO friendly development platform, GoDaddy is the perfect one. The Business plan of this platform consists of an efficient SEO wizard that offers you suggestions on the picked keywords.

Within eCommerce plans, you can get hands-on personalized SEO supervision from the platform’s professionals. The platform also offers you tips for correctly optimizing websites for ranking high on search engines. The platform also automatically crafts a sitemap for your business and proposes it to Google.

  1. Free trial period is accessible
  2. Via the platform one can sign up for the SEO services
  3. The platform is equipped with basic built-in Search Engine Optimization attributes
  4. Customizable SEO friendly URL can be added to all website pages
  5. Every website will assimilate with Google Analytics for keeping track of the progress from time to time.

8. BigCommerce


Now you can set up a virtual store very easily with BigCommerce which is a noteworthy SEO friendly eCommerce platform. It is not at all complicated for which it becomes the go-to option for many.

Search Engine Optimization for this platform is straightforward and settings can be easily modified.

  1. Amazing community & documentation support
  2. BigCommerce offers numerous native SEO attributes.

9. PrestaShop


PrestaShop is perfect for store owners as it is one of the finest SEO friendly platforms. There is a free version accessible and is very simple for utilization. In terms of functionality, the platform is good as well. The SEO options are numerous but you will have to set all the options manually.

There are additional modules to help you with this step. However, it is always recommended to appoint your very own hosting provider as the performance of the websites will enhance automatically with this.

  1. Global SEO configuration
  2. Various SEO options.

Final Say

Website success calls for implementing proper search engine optimization. When selecting a website builder for fabricating a fantastic SEO friendly website, one of the most vital things to focus on is SEO functionality. SEO will always be all-inclusive & simple to use for high-end website builders.

Going through a quick recap, we have the following conclusion:

WordPress – perfect for businesses that require hands-on practical & proactive SEO experience.

Weebly – it consists of a plethora of helpful & superior quality applications.

GoDaddy – this is for businesses that require outside assistance with Search Engine Optimization.

Squarespace – businesses that have already acquired the experience of handling SEO, can pick this platform.

Wix – it is ideal for SEO beginners.

BigCommerce – develop a virtual store directly with this platform.

Ghost – fabricate a content website with this platform.

Every SEO friendly website platform as discussed can prove to be useful depending on you and your business’s requisite. If you are a beginner & unable to decide which platform to use, get in touch with the developer.

Written by Manan Ghadawala

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. His company is also recognized by the Top Mobile App Development Companies. Follow him on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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